"When I was walking in the mountains with the Japanese man, and began to hear the water, he said, 'What is the sound of the waterfall?'

'Silence', he finally told me". 

Jack Gilbert, Collected Poems

Coaching the Waterfall Way

Flowing, cascading, plunging and pooling - forever changing. And yet, at their core, behind the wall of water, there is a cave, a haven and shelter. It is created and shaped by the water's energy, yet separate from it.

It is in this safe space, within sight and sound of the waterfall's journey, that the coaching conversation takes place. 

The International Coaching Federation defines Coaching as "partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential", and this is the relationship I seek to create with my clients. 

My coaching style is underpinned by the belief that people usually have access to all the internal resources they need to succeed. The aim of the coaching partnership is to promote an environment of rapport, trust, support and positive challenge. 

This stimulates the client's thinking to tap into greater levels of clarity and creativity. Inspiring them with new solutions to problems and greater insights on their journey. 

Whether supporting clients to identify career pathways, tackle leadership issues or build greater personal resilience, I see my coaching role as an enabler and encourager on the client's journey of self discovery. The coaching meeting is a way-stop on this journey, a temporary haven at which to rest, reflect and take stock and acquire new resources to take forward.